Eli Roth’s first film since directing Hostel Part II in 2007, ‘The Green Inferno’ is scheduled to start shooting on November 4 in New York. The film is part of an ambitious project established by Roth to establish “ChileWood” which aims to create films from Chile for the mainstream US audience.

Working alongside Chilean director Nicolas Lopez, Roth co-wrote and starred in Chilean earthquake film ‘Aftershock’ which was recently picked up by Dimension in one of the hottest deals at TIFF this year. Cannibal Horror ‘The Green Inferno’ is the firstin a stack of Chilean projects the duo have planned, which also includes a creature pic where miners encounter aliens and an as yet untitled romantic comedy trilogy which is to be based on Lopez’s ‘Fuck My Life’ trio and will bring those to an English speaking audience.

Roth and Lopez hope to establish the new ‘genre’ by focusing on low budget productions with polished storylines. They have pledged that no Chilewood movie will have a budget any higher than $10 million.