Following the announcement less than a week ago that Paranormal Activity 4 would see an Imax release, Paramount have inked a second deal with the large screen exhibitor to give 3D fantasy film ‘Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters’ the Imax treatment.

Paramount have pushed the release date back two weeks to January, 25 as part of the deal. This is the second release date change after Paramount held the film back for a year to add 3D effects. This two week delay will give the studio additional time to market the Imax experience and promote the film which stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton.

Imax president Greg Foster said, ‘The powerful action and incredible visuals in Hansel & Gretel: With Hunters are a great fit for the Imax format.’ While Megan Colligan, president of domestic marketing and distribution at Paramount said, ‘We are thrilled to be releasing now in late January so moviegoers have an opportunity to see the film in this way.’