TLC are set to continue their exploration of controversial subject matter with an hour long special program called ‘Half-Tin Killer?’.

The program will follow the case of Mayra Rosales who is bed ridden due to her obesity. Rosales claimed to have crushed her nephew accidentally when he was a toddler, but her attorney realised that in fact the boy’s injuries were not consistent with an accident, raising suspicion that the child was murdered. Rosales’ limited mobility raised further suspicion in the case. The TLC special will explore these doubts which eventually culminated in Rosales admitting that she was covering for her sister so that the other children would have a mom, but changed her mind when it became clear that the remaining children were being abused by her sister Jaime Rosales who is now serving a 15 year sentence.

The special will air on TLC on October 10 at 9pm and is produced by Meglaomedia with Jonathon Nowzardan as executive producer.