Selena Gomez made her name on Disney Channel favorites ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, but the former tween princess proved that she has gone down a route that is about far from her Disney roots as possible with the North American premiere of her latest flick ‘Spring Breakers’ at the Toronto IFF.

Gomez plays one of four down on their luck college girls who rob a fast food joint to fund their Spring Break trip. Landing themselves in jail they must turn to a drugs and arms dealer to bail them out and in exchange he has them do some downright dirty work for him!

Gomez spends the majority of time on screen in little more than a tiny bikini showing without a doubt that she’s all grown up. She stars alongside fellow Disney alumni Vanessa Hudgens who shot to fame in the High School Musical franchise.

The controversial film is from director Harmony Korine, best known for his movies Kids and Trash Humpers. Only time will tell if this is the right choice for Gomez who many feel has abandoned her fan base.