You Secretly LoveEveryone has an actor who they know is awful but secretly can’t stop themselves from loving. It’s simply natural that you nurture affection for someone who is unburdened by talent. When it comes to movies, the list goes on and on…

Arnold Schwarznegger

The eponymous Arnie launched his career off the back of Terminator, in which he played the titular emotionless killing machine. And he’s great in it, specifically because he’s not required to do anything resembling an emotional arc or character development. His only presence comes from the fact he’s really, really big. In fact, his page is one of the most active on He’s essentially charisma-free, and his acting talent is rather questionable – who can forget the former Mr Olympia’s turn in Kindergarten Cop? But we love him because he’s so unselfconsciously ridiculous. Yes, he’s been in some pretty seminal movies, but when it comes down to it, the man can’t act. And yet he’s gone into politics.

Mark Wahlberg

It can’t be denied that the erstwhile rapper Marky Mark got an exceptionally lucky break with Boogie Nights. Despite his critical success, he hasn’t really got much going for him in the talent department. His acting talent stretches about as far as a disgruntled brow furrow here and there. But the reason we love this very different kind of musician-turned-actor is because he’s still not above doing sparky comedies like The Other Guys, precisely because he seems to have retained an honest view of who he is and what he can do. An Oscar-nominated actor who’s still happy to co-star in a Will Ferrel movie? That’s something we can all buy into.

Tom Selleck

The moustachioed charmer passed up a role in Raiders of the Lost Ark and it was all downhill from there. After his big break in Magnum PI, he took on scores of television roles including his award-winning turn as Richard in Friends, as well as cropping up in a handful of movies too. However, something people seem to overlook whenever he wiggles his upper lip is that he can’t really act. He’s a lot of fun to watch, but he’s essentially a really affable puff of air – whisper it – Tom Selleck only really plays himself. There’s nothing wrong with what he does, but he certainly doesn’t do a hell of a lot of acting.

Salma Hayek

The first female entry on this list comes in the form of the buxom Latina beauty Salma Hayek. From her roles playing an alluring temptress in Wild Wild West to Frida Kahlo in Frida, she’s done a bit of everything – and been showered with critical acclaim when she gets it right. However, she spends a lot of time getting it delightfully, endearingly wrong. Anyone else remember her role as Kitty Softpaws in the Godforsaken Puss in Boots movie? She has occasionally proven her ability to act, but increasingly plays the beautiful, booby sensual thing as a stand-in. You have to respect the woman who started out in a soap opera, guest-starred in Ugly Betty, and still won an Oscar.

Matthew Broderick

Though everyone quotes his soft-eyed turn as Ferris Bueller in the very same’s Day Off as proof of his genius, Matthew Broderick soon proved himself to be a pretty weak actor, and in spectacular style. After the worldwide disaster of Inspector Gadget, he turned his sleepy gaze to catastrophic remake of The Producers, before trundling forward to ruin his career further with Then She Found Me and Deck the Halls. His cataclysmic and almost methodical dismantling of his own career is at once tragic and hilarious. Anyway, who could hate a man with eyes as pretty as those ones?