The points above are also tied to the fact that the main consumers of new films are young people, and young people as a group like to go out rather than staying in. People often ask why films are targeted so much towards the young, this is why, it’s because they’ll go out and see the films.

Film Releases Who’s WatchingAnd that’s always been the case, tastes may change generation by generation but people change surprisingly little, the bulk of new films in the silent era were targeted at young people, and older people asked why, and the answer was the same then as it is now.

While producers and production companies are always looking for ideas and stories that appeal to young people what they are really looking for are ideas and stories that appeal to young people but do not exclude older people.

The reason that a film like Shrek was such a phenomenon was that it appealed to a very broad range, including the lucrative family market. Statistically families with children go to the cinema less than many other age groups and this may be partly due to the difficulty of finding something to watch which everyone will enjoy (this is especially true if the family has children of widely differing ages).

So you can see how a film like Shrek, or Pirates of the Caribbean is worth so much, a film with jokes that play on a number of levels, which children and adults can enjoy equally. Of course a film like that is one that families are going to want to own.