Production need to keep up on creative, business, technological and industry information and developments. Most of the necessary resources are available on the Web. Here are a few sites a producer should have bookmarked in their Favorites:

Exhibitor Relations Company, Inc. ( One of the oldest and most reliable sources for information, this site features historical and weekly box office information, trade screening reports, development and production reports, and other special statistical and narrative reports.

Film Production Information ResourcesNATO Encyclopedia of Exhibition: (  This is a collection of reports published annually. They include the number of theater tickets sold, total box office take, average ticket prices, average major motion picture production costs, average studio theatrical release print and advertising costs, and a report on each studio’s theatrical grosses by picture.

Motion Picture Association of America: (  The MPAA provides a Theatrical Market Statistics report annually for free that is snapshot of important box office and movie attendance trends.

Hollywood Creative Directory: (  This online service is an excellent source of information on studio and network executives and production companies.

The Baseline Studio System (  A fee-based service, they provide an extensive search and retrieval system for entertainment executives and professionals in the industry. Additionally it can provide research services. This service is especially useful for locating elusive DVD and TV revenues and budget costs.

Nielsen Media Research ( This research company is the most complete source for television viewing information.

Daily and Weekly Variety ( and the Hollywood Reporter ( These sources provide news and archives on everything happening in the industry.

Screen International (  As a leading weekly magazine whose beat covers the international film markets, it provides a whole-industry overview with contributions from the most qualified writers and data analysts in show business.

National Cable Television Association (  An excellent source for all things cable can be found at this site. The Cable Television Development book lists all the networks, their executives, contact information, program and audience focuses, and subscriber information.

SNL Kagan ( This respected firm made its name by being a reliable entertainment industry research firm that publishes reports and performs intricate research and analysis.

Internet Movie Database (  IMDB is one of the largest accumulations of data about films, television programs direct-to-video products and even video games. For a fee you can also access information about the revenue generated in ancillary markets with the print  and advertising (P&A) budget numbers included.

Box Office Mojo ( This reporting service provides free data feeds for daily, weekend, and weekly box office information.

Showbiz Data ( This data resource has a free service that provides theatrical opening numbers, tracks the top U.S. pictures for each year, ranks U.S. Studios by grosses, and summarizes the weeks top stories. For an additional fee you have access to additional industry information.

Lee’s Movie Info Adjuster ( This site features a U.S. gross box office (GBO) inflation adjuster.

The Numbers ( This site helps find comparables and forecasting information. Of note is their U.S. DVD sales information that does not include rental or streaming numbers.

All-Time TOP Movies (  This online resource is loaded with tons of usable information with stats, charts, and more.

The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA, or the Alliance; Featuring international movie and TV sales information, this site has the entertainment industry’s finest arbitration tribunal.

Film Specific ( A site for indie filmmakers, Film Specific provides educational tools and resources to compete in the tough world of distribution for independent films.