If editing is done skilfully the audience doesn’t notice it, but rather understands and absorbs the effects of the production.

Film Postproduction ProcessThere are certain practices that are very common in video editing; like all rules, they can be broken to fit a particular situation, but are generally regarded as sound practices.

  • Avoid cutting between shots of significantly different sizes.
  • Do not cut between two shots of the same size of the same subject.
  • If two subjects are going in the same direction, have them go across the screen in the same direction. Opposite direction indicates meeting or parting.
  • Avoid cutting between still shots and moving shots, except for a specific reason.
  • If you have to break the continuity, whether purposely or inevitably, introduce a cutaway shot. Try to make sure that it is meaningful to the main action.
  • Avoid cutting to shots that make people or objects jump from one side of the screen to the other.