Planning shots while filming can reduce the stress during editing. Understanding how you might transition from one shot to the next before you even get to the editing stages helps the overall process to go much more smoothly.

Film Editing Expecting EditingHere are some other issues to think about during shooting to help with editing:

  • Edits should be motivated – there should always be a reason.
  • Keep “cute” shots – bunnies, children sunsets, and reflections – to a minimum, unless they are truly relevant or help establish the shot.
  • Try to provide context for the shot, like landmarks, so that the audience can identify the location.
  • Always check what is happening in the background. Is anything distracting going on?
  • Leave run-in and run-out time in each shot.
  • Try to anticipate continuity – try to fit all of one scene in daylight, etc.
  • Avoid short shots if there will be video commentary.
  • Plan to include long shots and close ups as additional editing material.
  • Try to use an identifying board at the start of each shot to log and record the process.