It’s a common practice to shoot more than can be used on video. In post-production  the footage is analysed  checked for quality, and reviewed to see what can and should be used for the production. Review will often reveal the following types of shots:

  • Choosing and Removing ShotsGood shots that can be used
  • Shots that cannot be used because of errors
  • Shots that have been repeated (retakes)
  • Redundant shots (shots that are too similar to other shots)

The first part of editing is to determine what is available and what shots should be used. The next step is to decide the order of the shots.

The Order of the Shots

The editor must always imagine themselves as the audience. The editor must interpret each shot and relate them to previous shots, creating an idea and a story.

Shots are usually put in chronological order. If the timeline jumps around too much, it would be confusing for the audience. Additionally, editing specific scenes for duration will have an effect on the audience. Brief shots together will be exciting, but slower, longer shots might be more restful, thoughtful, or even sad.  Scenes, arranged in certain orders, can lead to different audience interpretations.