Non-profit independent film distribution group Film Collaborative have announced the launch of TFC Legal, a new legal service which is intended to assist filmmakers with negotiation, business affairs and contracts while arranging distribution deals for independent films. The legal services are to be offered at a flat rate by Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson LLP.

Founder and co-executive director with Film Collaborative, Orly Ravid said, “The key to this initiative is that it is only focused on distribution agreements, our speciality and the focus of our mission. This new service pairs our expertise in distribution, particularly digital distribution, with AGMB’s extensive experience in entertainment law, in order to achieve the best results for TFC clients. Digital distribution has become the new paradigm and we want to make sure our members and clients are aware of all the rights and licensing issues that now have to be addressed.”

TFC Legal will be available to offer advice on the exact rights which distributors are buying to allow filmmakers to fully understand what they are agreeing to and to help them keep some rights themselves.