There are numerous ways to edit video, each bringing something new to the production. Using some of these basic but helpful techniques and suggestions can help create a successful project.

  1. Opportunities with EditingYou can join separately recorded images or takes to create a continuous story line, even when there was not one there before.
  2. With editing, you can remove anything that would be distracting or unimportant.
  3. You can edit in retakes to replace inadequate material. This can be used in cases of improving poor performance, needing to improve lighting, camera, or sound faults, or to improve production treatment.
  4. By adjusting the sequences, introducing new shots, altering playing speed, or even repeating material, you can reduce or increase the length of the program.
  5. Stock shots, used to introduce location or for effects,  can be used with the program material
  6. When subjects move out of the shot, you can cut to a new point and show action continuing as if uninterrupted .
  7. By cutting between shots recorded at different times or places, you can help to remove audience confusion.
  8. Editing allows you to redirect the interest and attention of the audience.
  9. Editing allows you to emphasize or hide information.
  10. You can adjust the length of each shot in a sequence to influence the overall pacing .
  11. Editing can change the significance in anything in a shot – it creates tension, humor, fear, etc.
  12. Altering the order of events can change how an audience will interpret, react, and experience the production.