Branding is important anywhere, but especially in motion pictures. The brand of the movie determines how consumers identify it with a product or group of products. This brand is established in many ways by distributors.

Distributors Play up the BrandDistributors establish a movie’s brand with how and where they market the movie, the additional promotions they use to attract the target audience, and the physical theatres in which it plays. The brand tells the viewer what to expect and helps audiences decide where to spend their entertainment dollars based on their preferences and past experiences with similar pictures.

No matter where in the global territories a movie is released, the value of the movie’s rights for home entertainment, premium cable, and ancillary rights are established by the dollars it makes during its theatrical release. Because this is the most important phase for establishing the value of a movie, much of the budget for marketing is spent in anticipation of the release.

As a result, movies often do not recoup the sums spent on their promotion through traditional media channels for their release. This is an accepted industry practice as many movies will then be profitable in the subsequent right’s categories.

The success of a theatrical release is driven by both the physical location of the movie and they way its opening is promoted to its audience. The complicated process of physically distributing a film to the proper theater is a sophisticated negotiation.

The success of a picture can in part depend on the perception generated by the type of screen on which the movie is shown. Other factors such as film rental terms with the theaters, film exchanges, and actual settlements that are negotiated with each theatre circuit after each picture’s play can greatly affect the success of a theatrical release.

If physically distributing the film is the work of distribution, the art of distribution, is in the establishment of a public perception of the movie through paid advertising, publicity, promotion, and recently through online social media. These combined channels can make a movie a must-see or a must-pass to audiences in the theaters.