It is out of character for Simon Cowell to admit that he has something to learn, but nevertheless, the television nasty has teamed up with Harvey Weinstein to collaborate on a biopic about Paul Potts, who won Britain’s Got Talent. The lead role is to be played by Brit TV favorite James Corden.

Cowell was recently quoted as saying, ‘I’ve asked Harvey to teach me everything he knows. He came to my house in L.A. There was no small talk, he told me what my areas of responsibility were if I was going to be a producer!”

In a move which signaled a shift away from reality tv towards feature presentations Cowell’s Syco Entertainment, which is co-owned by Sony Music Entertainment, hired Adam Milano as Senior VP of film, conceding that the company needed someone with movie expertise to take them forward. Cowell is renowned for his business acumen and is clearly more modest than his TV persona would lead us to believe.