Check-In Commercial

IntoNow is a pioneer in connecting the virtual and physical worlds with a mobile phone: viewers are now able to exchange their mobile coupon for a bottle of Pepsi MAX.

This outlines IntoNow’s aspirations to a new way of advertising that may be beneficial and practical to users; advertising that highly corresponds to each user’s experience of the world surrounding them.

Shazam Arrives On TV

Reconized for recognizing music, Shazam has more than 150 million users or, as the company likes to call them, ”Shazamers”, who tag over four million songs a day.

Shazam made its way to a TV commercial last year and their new project is set to workin conjunction with TV shows. They made their first TV partnership with the SyFy channel for the show Being Human. Shazamers were able to watch videos, playlists and could make their entries. Shazam has also forged partnerships with USA Network, HBO and Bravo.

Check-In The Shop

Shopkick gives you a ”kick” when you enter a store, which works as a virtual currency – users can collect ”kicks” and use them for shopping and gift cards in partner stores, or  other rewards, like gift cards, movie tickets and even donations. Shopkick has developed partnerships with Macy’s, Target, Sports Authority and many others. Although the iPhone application is usable in every retail store, buyers still get bigger number of kicks if they are a direct Shopkick partner.

Shopkick’s cooperation with The CW network was a great success for both sides of the deal – alerts for viewers on TV to launch their Shopkick apps turned out to be profitable for Shopkick, while The CW gained one more way to engage its viewers and to attract few new ones.

Apps In Ad Business

With its developed reward system, GetGlue made several effective advertisements with its partners. One clever advertisement was for the MLB All-Star Game: checked-in users  gained two stickers, one MLB and one Fox sticker for X Factor. As Pepsi was the sponsor of the show, its logo was on the sticker. In this way, the sticker itself became a lasting banner ad for Pepsi, as GetGlue stickers often have a character similar to one of a souvenir.

The problem with this kind of advertising is the lack of standards. The increasing number of new TV check-in apps crafting partnerships with different channels could result in a surplus of apps and offers. In this situation, people would be unable to see the wood for the trees.

Check-In Crowd

New check-in apps are being created all the time, each needing space and users. Although GetGlue considers itself a ”vertical social network” and Miso calls itself a ”second screen platform” and other apps probably have their own categories or want to fit together with GetGlue and Miso, the problem is that they all begin life as a check-in app, regardless of the content they add later.

Many of these applications have a small but stable user base; hooking to Facebook and Twitter gives them a boost and motivates users.

Check-In Service

There are different TV check-in applications that can suit you and your brand. To differentiate , pay attention to a few guidelines.

See who the people are behind the users. In other words, the demographic and the size of the audience is not as relevant as the character of the audience. This includes the speed of the audience’s growth and its activity and engagement in making social impressions.

Optimise your advertising through sponsorship of  your chosen show and connect with its  TV check-in application partner.

Each of the check-in apps wants to make themselves recognisable, just as you want your brand to stand out. Brainstorm ideas with your check-in service partner and think outside the box.

There are many ways to use TV check-in space and there is no need to ignore it. Your target audience is in this space and this is a good way to reach them. Once they check-in to your brand, it’s up to you to keep them.