There is a capacity within us to feel, and while some are more honest about those feelings than others, write to draw an audience in.

Dig Deep WithinTo do so, first place yourself in whatever plot you are crafting for the protagonists, and be ready to explore your own thoughts and emotions, expressing them as honestly as possible.

This requires introspection and personal experience. Have you ever been bullied? What did it feel like? Ever had your heart broken?

How did you survive that agony? While writing is a deeply personal experience (and why writers are generally private people, as a result), expressing one’s self requires an honesty which can be painful (embarrassing even) to reveal.

There is no such thing as an objective story. Everything comes from a personal, subjective point of view. They say that history is written by the victors.

As such, even something as dull as a school history book reveals someone’s point of view, however right or wrong.

A script writer distinguishes themselves from the history academic, therefore, by deliberately putting themselves to the front-line  even if it means baring a deeply personal part of themselves (however unpleasant) to an audience of millions.