Character Enhancing With MagnificationThe role of placing the audience within the body of the protagonist is a tricky one. After all, it is unlikely that the writer has experienced the excitement of saving the world from doom or from being the super villain who is bent on world domination. Yet that is precisely the goal of a screenwriter. Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Through all experiences, the mind is like a recorder of emotion. When moments are reflected, it’s easy to revisit and remember what you were going through on precise moments of deep feeling. Sometimes it was a complex feeling, involving friends who believed you of betrayal when you were in fact innocent of such a thing.

Different stages might have swept through your thoughts from absolute anger to sinking sorrow, leaving an imprint forever that can be recalledWe’ve all lived through different stages of emotions, which each one leaving an imprint that can be recalled.

By using the magnification tool, those feelings of emotion can be expanded with no limitinfinitely enhanced. It’s the same as seeing something on the horizon, which appears very tiny, but when you travel closer, it can growgrows to immense size. Zooming in on emotion can work in the same way.

By taking a feeling of utter rage, which you remember quite well in all the sensations, thenrage and then multiplying it by 100,. Then, you can get into the realmsummon the sensation of how it might may feel to be accused of something heinous, like such as murder. Then, the character you hope to fill and create becomes easier to see in all their dimensions.

This process of magnification takes what you already know or have felt and sends it soaring into to much grander levels. Think of it asT taking a drop and creating an ocean; . Bboth of these are made from the same elements, yet one is massively larger in scope. This is magnification.

Now imagine what it would be like to have wild powers surging through your fingertips to then waking one day and being just like everybody else. Superheroes are depended on, so imagine how difficult it would be to not have those skills any longer.

Trying desperately to convince yourself it’s that your loss of power is a fluke, yet feeling deep down you were are no longer able to ‘save the day’. We’ve all had at some point the feeling of not being quit as good at something,; having lost our way with a certain skill or ability. Take that feeling to and shift it into how the person with super powers might feel when they are super no longer.

Character Paralleling Plot

Plot stakes and emotional stakes are intertwined. threads. When the stakes of a plot are raised, naturally so do the emotional stakes naturally also rise. They are like two sides of a coin where you can’t really have one without the other.

In “Deep Impact”, for example, you have the there was the massive plot of the world coming to an end, yet alongside this path was Tea Leone’s own issue of dealing with her parent’s divorce. The trauma of her emotional stakes was quickly made to seem insignificant by the plot stakes. When using magnification to raise the plot stakes, the emotional stakes always have to be magnified as well.