This past Friday saw the world premiere of ‘Argo’ at Toronto’s International Film Festival. The event had a distinctly Canadian flavor. Speaking at the premiere, chief operating officer of the festival, Michele Maheux said, “Any self-respecting Canadian of a particular age knows what happened.”

Ben Affleck both directs and stars in Argo which tells six American citizens who escaped during the 1980 takeover of the American Embassy in Iran and found shelter with first the Canadian Embassy and then in the home of Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor before being smuggled out of Iran posing as a Canadian production scheme scouting possible locations for a movie.

Affleck plays the role of CIA agent Tony Mendez who thought up the escape plan, known affectionately as the Canadian Caper. The plan was so intricate that an ad was even placed in Variety regarding the fake movie. The role of heroic ambassador Taylor is played by Victor Garber. Affleck gave a lengthy speech thanking his cast and crew on the movie, but reserved special thanks for Taylor and Mendez for the lives they rescued.