“Degrassi” started in 1980, in Canada, with 26 episodes and moved to the States  1987, with three seasons on PBS. It is a teen’s series, giving an overview of the students attending a fictional school in Toronto.Degrassi The Next Generation

Degrassi Junior High became Degrassi High in 1989 as the storyline took the cast into high school l. There were a total of 96 episodes altogether till its final on February 11, 1991. It was reborn as a  franchise in 2001 with Degrassi The Next Generation, broadcast in the United States on TeenNick (part of MTV Networks).

The network has done a thorough and innovative job using the Web to build a dramatic storytelling universe for Degrassi. Over the last two seasons, 24 of Degrassi’s characters came alive on Twitter, in a collaborative effort of Degrassi series writers and Nickelodeon’s web marketing team. This endeavour created the first interactive, cross-media dramatic storytelling platform, that allows fans to follow any of the characters all he time, to get a peek of what goes on in between (and during) Degrassi episodes. In addition, Facebook presents an interconnected view of the characters’ Twitter narrative.

The most impressive part of TeenNick’s Degrassi bridge content strategy is how the network used its characters’ Twitter accounts to converge its online properties. On August 30, 2011, in the graduation morning episode of Degrassi, Chantey Black’s character (the school’s gossip queen) tweeted “it’s graduation day!!!

Remember when we just started at Degrassi? #nostalgic http://ow.ly/6gssV.” The hyper-link that Chantey wrote leads people to a post on the Degrassi Daily Gossip Tumblre blog. The post represents a photo-montage of Chantey from over the years, and helped to get viewers even more excited about the upcoming episode.

The Degrassi Doily Tumblr blog is another web platform that the series’ producers use to enrich both the broadcast and on-line storytelling performance. The Twitter and Tumblr accounts work in common to create a multidimensional on-line Degrassi universe that provided new content every day.

This is the real bridge content totality in action. Social TV breaks down the barriers between the TV people and the marketing people who are now working in closer collaboration with show producers, creators, and talent Consumers and fans have a growing desire to be a part of the show every single step of the way.