A survey, published in May of 2011, reported that over 275 million people “liked” at least one TV show on Facebook; over one and a half billion “likes” within the social network. Moreover, 17 of the top “liked” Facebook pages are of TV shows.Facebook – Number One Audience Engagement Platform

Why every broadcaster wants more and more “likes” on Facebook? Liking your page is actually a subscription for the company’s posts and all your targeted content will be directly delivered to each viewer.

Getting likes on a Facebook page is only halt of the job. Only 3 to 8 % of a Facebook page’s fans actually see a given post within their news-feeds  This is because Facebook gives preference to posts with most feedback received. So the second part of the job is to create posts that generate responses.

How do you know you have made it? Facebook page owners can monitor the percentage feedback of a post in real-time. They also have access to more detailed analytics by using Facebook’s ‘insights” tools and can make the necessary corrections.

As in most of the Web, competition for customer’s attention is great and priority is given to quality (versus quantity) Therefore, a TV’s content strategy must have a targeted fan acquisition approach.