CBS “How l Met Your Mother” has over 18 million fans on Facebook. This is due to their totalistic approach to content that other use only for bridging purposes. What does that mean?Bridge Content - CBS Case - from Bridge to Real Content

When a website or Web content is mentioned on-air, it has already been installed in real for fans to discover and explore.

Thus, in “Everything Must Go” episode, Lly and her fiancé Marshall are in heavy debts for expensive home improvements. In his desperate need of cash, Marshal decides to create a website to sell Lly’s expensive clothes.

When viewers went on-line after the show, Lily site, mentioned in the show, was already there, acting as a real live auction, featuring items from the show that were sold to help raise money for a children’s hospital.

In another case, the fictitious bank where playboy Bamey Stinson works has a real-life website at In addition, fans can also purchase Bamey’s “Bra Code” book, watch his video resume, and read his blog, which is simply called “Barney’s Blog’ and kept up-to-date with regular entries by ‘Barney.”

In the second season, it was dug out that the character Robin Seherbatsky had a teenage career as a pop artist in Canada and was known as “Robin Sparides.” When the episode was aired, it mentioned that a music video of hers had been posted to MySpace. And of course, CBS created an actual MySpace page for it, complete with the music and all. Today, the official Robin Sparkles Facebook page has over 100,000 fans.