ABC, posted two cast photos that were  to engage the audience of Modem Family’ season three premier  They pretended they did not know which one to choose for their promotion campaign, so they asked the over 4 million fans of the series to choose for them.  Modem Family

One of the poster photos received over 2,600 ‘likes,’ while the other had eight times more. By merely asking a simple question, ABC provoked their fans to generate millions of social impressions promoting Modem Family.

Trying to repeat the success,  before Mother’s Day, ABC posted at poll asking Modern Family fans which parent is more ‘motherly” (between Cam and Mitch). Cam won overwhelmingly, getting over 35,000 votes. It was a timely post, but it was also made in the spirit and humour of the show and its characters.

To drive viewers to Modem Family’s ‘Boys’ Night’ episode on March 23, 2011, ABC used another common Facebook feature and their creative minds to achieved a great effect.

In this episode, when Jay finds out that his wife Gloria and her son Manny are taking him to a symphony concert instead of Franke Valli’s, he leaves them and eventually finds himself in the same bar, where his son Mitchell is having a dinner with his partner Cam and friends.

Since the show focuses on that dinner, ABC created a Facebook event, inviting fans to have dinner with the group on that day. The event was titled “Boys’ Night with Cam, Mitch, Pepper, Longinus … and Jay”; and the invitation yielded about 4,000 RSVPs. Each RVSP show up in friends’ Facebook news-feeds and acted as a calendar reminder to tune in and see the episode.