If you dream of becoming a reality show producer but don’t know where to start, don’t worry.  Everyone who is now a famous story producer had to start off somewhere, and so will you.  Often times they had to start off with seemingly unrelated entry-level jobs but through tenacity and networking, they moved up to their current story producer position.  Read on to find out how you can get your foot in the door and use networking to advance your reality show story producing career.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

It would be nice if you could simply wake up one day with the title of Story Producer.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will go from having no experience to being the story producer for a reality show.  Rather, you should plan on working your way up to that position by progressing through other positions related to reality show story production.  So, what’s the best way to get your foot in the door?

Entry-Level Positions

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is by applying for and accepting an entry-level position.  Entry-level positions are a great way to gain experience and to network with people who already work in the field that you are interested in.

Landing a Good Entry-Level Position

An example of an entry-level position for reality show story production is logging and transcribing scene footage.  A good place to begin looking for entry-level positions like these is on the Internet.  Websites such as www.craigslist.org, www.mandy.com, www.realitystaff.com, and www.entertainmentcareers.net are good places to begin your search.  In addition to looking for entry-level positions online, you may want to try cold calling reality show production companies to see if they are hiring.

Becoming a Reality Show Story Producer

Hopefully, after applying to several job postings, you will be called in for an interview.  Interviewing for an entry-level position is your chance to convince a reality show production company that you are the right person for the job.  You can show the production company that you are the right person for the job by coming to the interview prepared.

One good way of preparing for the interview is by thinking about the position you are interviewing for and coming up with a few good questions to ask during the interview.  Asking thoughtful questions is an excellent way of letting the interviewer know that you mean business and that you are ready and willing to learn.  For example, if you are interviewing for a logging or transcribing position, ask what software the company uses as there are several on the market.

If you show up to the interview prepared, and convince the interviewer that you can do the job well, you will hopefully find that you have gotten your foot in the door with an entry-level position at a reality show production company!  Now is your chance to get noticed by working hard and by networking with people around you.

Getting Noticed

A good way to get noticed (and eventually promoted) is by doing your job really well.  Some people show up to work and do the least amount of work necessary to receive a paycheck.  If you go above and beyond what is required of you, it is more likely that you will stand out and come to mind when the company is looking to promote someone to story assistant or assistant story producer.  In addition to working hard you should also work smart.  For example, when you coordinate your work-schedule to be in the office at the same time as some of the more senior members of the production team you open up a good way to be noticed by those who matter the most, and bring about an excellent way to improve your networking chances.  Lastly, make sure that your coworkers know what your career goals are.  If everyone knows that it is your dream to be a story producer then they may be more likely to remember you when looking for someone to fill in a related spot.

Career Progression

If you have proven yourself to be a talented worker, then hopefully you will find an opportunity to progress toward our goal of becoming a story producer.  You may find yourself in the position of story assistant, spending countless hours going through footage looking for the perfect clip.  At times you may feel discouraged by performing tasks that seem boring or unrelated to your dream job, but don’t give up.  Keep showing off your skills and you may soon find yourself progressing into a position where you can do more scene work.  If you persistently perform well you may find yourself reaching your goal of becoming a story producer for a reality show.

Building Your Reputation

As a story producer you will want to build and maintain a reputation for being someone who can come up with great content so you can keep your job and so that you can have your choice of future projects.  In order to build a good reputation you should remember that you are not only trying to please a television audience but also your executive producer.  Sometimes you may be given impossible tasks like making a boring cast member “more exciting.”  Remember to try your best to supply what your executive producer so that in the end you will at least be able to prove that you tried.  This can go a long way in earning you a reputation for pleasing both the audience and your executive producer.

Networking and Professional Organizations

One of the best ways of advancing your reality show story production career is by networking with others in the industry.  Networking enables you to become friends with other professionals and those friendships can prove to be valuable in the future when looking for opportunities to advance in and improve upon your story production career.  Some good places to start networking are www.connectingreality.com and www.linkedin.com.  Professional organizations like www.emmys.org and www.producersguid.com are also great ways to meet other people in the reality TV industry.  These members-only groups often hold multiple events each year where you can meet other professionals and are fantastic places to network.

Increasing Your Visibility with IMDb

In addition to networking, it is important for you to maintain an accurate online resume where others can view and verify the work you have done.  The Internet movie database (IMDb) www.imdb.com is a great place to list your accomplishments for all to see.  You can also subscribe to IMDbPro at www.imdbpro.com so you can have the added benefit of being able to see contact information for producers and production companies.  This information will prove to be very valuable if you ever find yourself hunting for work.

What Are You Waiting For?

You know that you want to be a reality TV story producer but have no experience.  That’s ok.  Just follow the steps provided in this guide to get your foot in the door with an entry-level career in the story production industry.  Once you get your foot in the door, do a stellar job so that others notice you when it comes time for promotion.  Before you know it you will find yourself in your dream job of lead story producer for a reality television show.  Just remember that your job is never done.  Keep networking with other professionals and make sure that you keep your online resume accurate and up-to-date for everyone to see on websites like www.imdb.com.  Now what are you waiting for?  Get out there and make your dream a reality!