Warner Bros. Summer blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ netted an impressive $31 million during a week long run in China, bringing worldwide box office totals for the latest instalment of the Batman franchise to over $1 billion. The film picked up almost $50 million internationally.

However, while Warner Bros may well be happy with an impressive box office take in China, they were beaten by Sony’s big superhero offering ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ which grossed $32.5 million in China. The two films went head to head in China as is common with the big Hollywood offerings, because China wish to lessen the impact such movies have on local releases.

In terms of Batman versus Spiderman in China, the box office figures do not reveal the whole picture. On closer inspection, the 2D Dark Knight Rises actually sold more tickets, but Spiderman benefited from the higher ticket prices for 3D screenings. It is also worth noting that Batman was shown on far fewer screens, just 4081 compared to Spiderman’s 7125. Had the screen numbers been distributed equally the story may well have been different.