Now is the right time for backchannel marketers. As with every type of marketing, backchannel marketing also requires improvisation and new ideas. A great start to successful backchannel marketing is with social impressions.

Backchannel MarketingThere are a few simple and free ways to increase the number of impressions. One of them is a hash key (#). If you hashtag your brand in a commercial, it will distinguish your brand and draw attention to it. Commercials with a tendency to animate positive response combined with a hashtag (#) will impregnate the potential of a commercial and positive backchannel conversation.

The best example to learn from is Audi’s #ProgressIs commercial on Super Bowl. The hashtag was innovative, but it didn’t stay on the screen long enough for audience to take it in.  Make sure your hashtag stays on the screen long enough for people to recognize it. You can also display the same hashtag in a promoted trend on for a day.

Pay attention to the message you are sending through your commercial and image of your brand.

Boost The Transmedia Effect

You need to communicate the same values thatTV viewers nurture. Find the right measure when you want to incorporate your brand with backchannel conversation without taking over the TV show. Be included in a conversation, don’t direct it.

Verizon Wireless saw great success in integrating itself in a television’s backchannel during Emmy Awards 2011. At this event actress Jane Lynch tweeted Verizon Wireless and those who saw this promoted tweet made it a first real-time search result. Verizon Wireless retweeted Jane Lynch’s tweet, what made the integration even more efficient.

Your Brand Is Recognised in Television Backchannel

Social media is a great source of information. You can use different tools to understand what people think about anything, even about TV commercials as they air.

You can search Twitter using your brand as a keyword o when watching TV and your brand’s Twitter account can engage in real-time with those who tweet it.

You can use the information you determine in numerous ways. You can adjust your marketing strategy to it. The response you get from the public can help you navigate through the ways of communication to decide what messages to communicate.

The Backchannel Action

There are three basic ways backchannel can work for your brand and its impressions.

The first method is to get feedback.. Viewers are commenting on commercials and it is essential to get the feedback from them. Observe what people have to say about your brand and use this observations to improve. The best way to enhance impressions is inviting people to the backchannel conversation with your TV spot. Do this in an appropriate time and manner.

The second way is by using the backchannel correctly.Think of a backchannel as a way of  branding. Put content in focus. This can pay off, because backchannel works as a source and as a result itself.

The third and final way is to use backchannel’s real-time character. Use the opportunity to get the instant feedback and use this knowledge in future. You can learn directly and learn a lot in a very short time. This gives you a chance to optimize your strategy in a sort period of time.

Make an impact

It is a simple fact that people talk about things that move them. Every once in a while a good and thoughtful TV spot comes along and impresses us. These commercials show that having a good content and quality pays off.