A producer’s team is critical to creating quality movies. Much like a living organism, it is always growing and changing in response to stimuli. Producers who view their team as an entity that needs regular evaluation and if necessary changes to continue to be a healthy organization will have more success in the long run.

Advancing Team VitalityProducers should aim for a review of each of their team members at least twice annually. At these reviews, he or she should evaluate the individual’s contribution and motivation and make any essential cuts to promote team’s performance integrity.

In contrast, producers need also to cultivate and strengthen their team members with opportunities to continue training or advancing in the organization. Giving reimbursements to staffers who pay for additional training in screen writing or digital special effects is one good method.

Another is that producers could design a bonus structure based on performance, provide opportunities for promotions, and chances to earn pay increases. These are all excellent motivators for teams and effective tools for growing team solidarity and evolving its performance capacities.

Balance in life is as important to the team as it is to the producer.  Keeping this in mind, producers should consider providing teams a broad range of benefits that can create team members’ loyalty and enhance their performance.

They can include family travel accommodations or office environment perks like exercise rooms and nursery care. Even a well-stocked kitchen and library go a long way to providing a positive work environment.