Warner Bros hve finally settled on an official name for the long awaited sequel to 300. Origianlly called Xerxes, then Battle of Artemisium, the film is now titled ‘300: Rise of An Empire’.

The movies, which stars Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton, is once more based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel. However, as it is not yet completed never mind finished, few have seen much of the novel. However, initial reports suggest that it is set to focus on events surrounding the Battle of Thermopylae depicted in 300 along with the evolution of Xerxes from your average King to the God he declares himself to be in the original film/graphic novel. This makes 300: Rise of an Empire both a prequel and a paralleloquel.

In addition to Green and Stapleton, Yigal Naor also stars in the role of Xerxes’ father Darius. The film is currently in production in Bulgaria and initial reports suggest a release date of August 2, 2013.